Dave and Tina Fox were both Art Majors at Ball State University. It was LOVE at first sight! They have been married for 19 years. They have two wonderful children, John and Amy.

Dave became a graphic designer for a publishing company in 1988 and was promoted in 1991 to Art Director. In 1994, he became Art Director for a bureau in the compact disc industry. He has been in the disc industry ever since. He specializes in a wide array of publications including; newsletters, catalogs, brochures, annual reports and various office materials. Dave's compact disc packaging designs have earned him the respect of many record companies and musicians including jazz pianist Jimmy Amadie (www.jimmyamadie.com).

Along with his photographer/artist and wife, Tina, Dave has created a one-stop-and-shop for the discerning musician. Whether its corporate branding for a new or revitalized company or print material for an established business, Dave can handle everything from start to finish.

Not sure how to get all of those great ideas out of your head and onto paper? Give us a shot! We'll help you realize your vision.



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